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Open to Daiven (or Drake)

(OOC: Happening sometime before Instinct’s debut)
Tatsuya stepped out of the cab, slipping into Purgatory with a nod to the bouncer. Stepping into the electric atmosphere, she allowed herself to relax for the first time since she had finished her shift at the grocery store where she worked.
She thought about going straight to the bar, maybe torture Gin before meeting up with Daiven, but found herself lingering by the dance floor, listening to the music.
Instinct will be debuting soon, she thought. She had been practicing every night. Well...almost every night. In any case, she was looking forward to performing. Merle was an amazing lyricist.
She heard someone whistle, and ignored them, although she did feel her cheeks get warm. More than ever she felt like she was a cosplay character, dressed in one of her fashion-designer friend’s creations. (OOC: for description of what she’s wearing, see Tatsuya’s journal) More than once since putting it on she had thought of chickening out and taking it off, but in the end her curiosity had won. She was curious to see what the reaction would be.
As another person whistled at her, she flushed further. I would say the reaction is pretty damn good, she thought, gritting her teeth. She was going to kill Laurel later...
Sighing, Tatsuya leaned against a pillar that bordered the dance floor. She stared at the dancers, half of her wanting to join them...
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