brilliantdesire (brilliantdesire) wrote in purgatory_rpg,

Open to: Cain or Any

Djinn ducked his head under the hood of the coat he was wearing, the jeans on his lower half clinging to his legs almost uncomfortably now that he'd made his way into the club. Going incognito seemed like the best way to go after his unfortunate incident a few weeks earlier. Former lovers were always a handful, but when Gale had appeared on his doorstep after months of running, Djinn was a bit more than floored.

A few days of torment insued, both in bed and out, much to the pale haired man's disgust. But when you were being attacked it was better to be calm, wait until it was over, then be done with it, right?

He didn't feel any better for letting it happen. The four days, weeks ago, had taken their toll on him. Unable to show himself out in public, especially at the club, he locked himself in his apartment once Gale had left once again.

Moving to avoid being slammed into by a few drunks just past the doorway, he made his way to the bar, hiding his face in the folds of the coat. He half hoped that Cain would be there, waiting patiently for him after such a long time being apart. No contact, no phonecalls, not even sure he had an angel to go back too, not even sure he wanted his lover to see him now. Then again, he reasoned that he wouldn't be there if he didn't want to be found.

Sitting down at the far corner of the bar, he ordered a drink, and sighed with relief as the bartender not only didn't seem to recognize him, but paid him no more attention than to give him his drink. The Captain Morgan burned his throat as he gulped it down, leaving a heated taste in his mouth before ordering another.
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