arime_katashi (arime_katashi) wrote in purgatory_rpg,

Why Me? (Open to any)

Arime wandered back towards her apartment, not paying much attention to where she was going. Spending the night at Purgatory was fun, but sunrise was approaching and the usual exhaustion began to wash over her. She wandered through the street near her apartment building, but paused when she heard her cell phone ring. Curiosity nagging at her, she flipped open the phone, “Hello?”

A familiar voice came through the speaker, ‘Oni-sama?’ (OOC: Oni-sama is Japanese for big sister.)

She blinked, “Aaron? Is that you?”

There was silence for a moment before...‘Where have you been!?! I’ve been looking for you for seven years!’

Arime winced and held the phone away from her ear, “Jeez Aaron, do you have to deafen me?”

‘Why didn’t you call? You could have written at least!”

She sighed, “You’re right, I should have written. Then again, you could have called me.”

‘...Why did you leave?’

“You know why I left. I hated mom and dad. Besides, I didn’t appreciate being put in an arranged marriage.” Her tone turned slightly teasing, “So, have they set you up with someone yet?”

‘...Arime, mom and dad died last year.’

Arime’s eyes widened at the news, “They did? I’m sorry Aaron, I didn’t know. Wait a minute, then who are you living with?”

When Aaron spoke next, his voice was laced with amusement, ‘I’m coming to live with you.’

“...Aaron, would you care to repeat that?”

‘I’m coming to live with you.’

Arime sighed, “Alright. Where are you?”

Aaron laughed, ‘Look up.’ She looked up at her window and Aaron waved down at her with a grin.

Closing her phone with a twitch, Arime sighed and shook her head, “Why me?”
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