GinUingu (wingsofsilver) wrote in purgatory_rpg,

One dark night... (Open to Any)

OOC: In a vain attempt at restarting this... well... politely put, dead community, I propose to the members of my friendly little clique we try to rejolt Purgatory into life, ready steady go! XD

Pushing back his slickened damp hair, Gin immediately reached into his pocket, and as he withdrew a black ribbon from his pocket, effectively tied it around the silvery hair and muttered discontent with having to wait outside a street corner.
Stupid asshole who made him wait... this was the last time he did a favor to anyone.
"That's it." He growled in a surly manner and jerking his black leather coat about his lithe frame, began in irate march off back towards his apartment, if the bastard who wanted to fuck Gin couldn't bother to show up on time, Gin wouldn't waste time with trash.
That was his theory anyway, stupid bastards.
Straightening his uncomfortably tight sleeveless top, he smoothed the leather fabric of his pants as well and continued to walk.
His wrists were adorned in intricately weaved and tied satin black ribbons, and for some strange reason, he had had a bit of an obsession with knee high boots lately.
Chaos must have been rubbing off on him.
He set off onto the streets and walked down the sidewalk...
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