arime_katashi (arime_katashi) wrote in purgatory_rpg,

If it isn't one thing... (open to any)

Arime felt like smacking her head against the wall. I swear to God, if it isn’t one f’ing thing it’s another. She sighed as she glanced at the familiar form sleeping on her couch, “Damn it...” If she ever found the person who had brought Jared back to life, she was either going to strangle them or spend the rest of eternity finding some way to repay them.

A fresh wave of frustration rolled over her and she growled, “That does it! I need to get out of here for a while before I go nuts.” Even as she said the words, she glanced at him and her frown deepened. Jared was alive again (alive being a relative term due to him being a vampire) – Good thing. Jared couldn’t remember much except for her name and that she was important to him in some way – Bad thing.

Aaron walked into the room, crossing the carpeted floor to where she stood, “If his memory loss bothers you so much, why did you let him stay?”

The vampire glanced at her younger brother – who, by the way, had discovered that she was a vampire – and muttered, “Because.” With that, she turned and walked out the door, letting it slam behind her. Arime left the apartment building quickly and walked towards Purgatory, needing something to distract her from her thoughts of Jared.
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