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New RP...and a little OOC Pimpity Pimpin [29 Jun 2006|06:59pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

*peeks around and blows dust off the wings, smirks and wiggles brows at folks*

Hey guys. I swore I'd never come back to Purgatory but here I am. Acutally, started up a new purgatory with more structure and less...pointless smut. (Not that smut isn't good mind you.) *Winks*

If you're interested, check us out over at purgatory_dawn.



(aka ...Stefan owns my soul...errr Stefan's Typist)

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If it isn't one thing... (open to any) [07 Jun 2006|04:21pm]

Arime felt like smacking her head against the wall. I swear to God, if it isn’t one f’ing thing it’s another. She sighed as she glanced at the familiar form sleeping on her couch, “Damn it...” If she ever found the person who had brought Jared back to life, she was either going to strangle them or spend the rest of eternity finding some way to repay them.

A fresh wave of frustration rolled over her and she growled, “That does it! I need to get out of here for a while before I go nuts.” Even as she said the words, she glanced at him and her frown deepened. Jared was alive again (alive being a relative term due to him being a vampire) – Good thing. Jared couldn’t remember much except for her name and that she was important to him in some way – Bad thing.

Aaron walked into the room, crossing the carpeted floor to where she stood, “If his memory loss bothers you so much, why did you let him stay?”

The vampire glanced at her younger brother – who, by the way, had discovered that she was a vampire – and muttered, “Because.” With that, she turned and walked out the door, letting it slam behind her. Arime left the apartment building quickly and walked towards Purgatory, needing something to distract her from her thoughts of Jared.
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A quiet night at home...(Stefan) [12 Apr 2006|10:56pm]

Rhiannon hummed quietly to herself as she moved through Stefan's kitchen. She had decided that tonight she would cook a meal for her and Stefan. Now in the past, she had had issues with such a task, but this time she was determined to get it right. Her gait was gracefully, as the short black dress with the low back seemed to sway with her every movement. She moved back and forth at the stove from one pot to another. Ki was perched quietly upon her shoulder looking over everything.

He won't eat it.

" Yes he will, quit nay saying. It smells good!" Rhiannon smiled brightly as she continued to stir the globby mix resembling alfredo sauce.

No he won't. He doesn't like you. You should listen to Asher and leave him. He smells funny too.

" Oh knock it off Ki." Rhiannon smiled towards the dragon, " You're just mad because he kicked you out of the apartment last night for setting his side of the bed on fire, and when you tried to fly back in he slammed the window down so you flew into it."

Bastard. If he can't take the heat...

" Let it go Ki."
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One dark night... (Open to Any) [22 Mar 2006|10:58pm]

OOC: In a vain attempt at restarting this... well... politely put, dead community, I propose to the members of my friendly little clique we try to rejolt Purgatory into life, ready steady go! XD

Pushing back his slickened damp hair, Gin immediately reached into his pocket, and as he withdrew a black ribbon from his pocket, effectively tied it around the silvery hair and muttered discontent with having to wait outside a street corner.
Stupid asshole who made him wait... this was the last time he did a favor to anyone.
"That's it." He growled in a surly manner and jerking his black leather coat about his lithe frame, began in irate march off back towards his apartment, if the bastard who wanted to fuck Gin couldn't bother to show up on time, Gin wouldn't waste time with trash.
That was his theory anyway, stupid bastards.
Straightening his uncomfortably tight sleeveless top, he smoothed the leather fabric of his pants as well and continued to walk.
His wrists were adorned in intricately weaved and tied satin black ribbons, and for some strange reason, he had had a bit of an obsession with knee high boots lately.
Chaos must have been rubbing off on him.
He set off onto the streets and walked down the sidewalk...
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Sunset Watching (Open to a Stubborn Mule) [01 Nov 2005|06:19pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Jade slowly ran his fingers along his sides with a contented sound. Walking quietly along the sidewalk, he paused and took a careful seat on the bench. The fading rays of sunlight colored the bay and docks in an array of splendid oranges blending to vibrant red. The biting chill of winter rode the air and promised a cold night to come.

He sighed and huddled a little further into the confines of his deep brown, suede coat. Brown jeans matched it perfectly and hugged his lower body. A rich golden sweater shifted vibrantly against his chest. The redhead tucked a few errant strands of hair out of his eyes. Loneliness jabbed at his chest and caused him to breathe a little harder. Rubbing his fingers across his stomach, Jade felt his mind go completely blank for a change.

At last, he'd learned to tune out the emotional levels of those around him. It had only taken him how many lifetimes to learn such a simple skill? He snorted faintly and debated on getting up to get a cup of hot chocolate or something. Eventually, he decided. Jade wanted to be lazy and savor the moment. So few calm and quiet ones existed for him now that each one he found was a rare gift to be treasured.

"So beautiful," he murmured softly to himself. What could possibly ruin a peaceful scene? Jade didn't want to know but a faint thrill along his spine warned him he might one day find out.

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(Open to any) [26 Sep 2005|05:11pm]

Life was miserable.
Aly sat in a small corner table of Purgatory, idly twirling an untouched drink.
He was never one for alcohol, though he found that if he didn't either order a drink or dance with someone, the waiters and waitresses never left him alone, forever thinking him a loiterer or a minor who didn't belong. It was simply easier this way.
With a sigh he brooded moodily and slumped over the table-top, his eyes at half mast and his mouth curved downwards and poutish.
'Phoo... I made Gin mad... he says he wasn't but I knew he was, and then he left for two months... phooey.' He thought mutely as he dipped his finger in the drink and idly twirled the ice.
"Here you go sweety, you looked a little down tonight so I brought your favorite." A waitress commented as she stopped by the table and placed a tray upon it. Aly looked up and put on his brightest smile.
"Thanks!" He exclaimed in a chipperly voice.
'How did I get so good at acting?' His mind wondered vaguely as he recognized the server, a woman he had met a while ago, and whom had taking a liking to him when she discovered he had lost his entire family. She waved idly at him and walked off to serve other tables, as soon as he was sure she was busy, he turned back to sulking.
Though not before glancing at the tray, and he discovered, to some mild delight his favorite fruit.
Straberries. Gleefully pulling one from the bowl, he also discovered she had brought his favorite topping and smiled a little secretively.
She really did go all out for him.
Taking the strawberry and twirling it endlessly in the bowl of heated chocolate, he brought it to his lips and sucked at the dripping warm liquid tentatively, and a small smile of blissful ignorance took place as his tongue reached out to lick the fruit. Making a small noise of appreciation he lapped up the chocolate and took a tiny bite of the fruit happily.
'Hee! She even brought my favorite kind of choclate!' He thought happily, feeling much better, the alcohol long forgotten.
After a few small bites, the fruit was devoured and Aly quickly went for another, as he swirled the second straberry in the bowl, he noticed with mild annoyance he had gotten chocolate sauce over his fingers.
"Drat." He muttered releasing the straberry to the pool of chocolate as he lifted his hand up and licked and sucked the fingers clean.
'This might be a good night after all.' He thought as he sucked a nub of sauce from his index finger and glancing up thoughtfully. 'Just wish I had someone to talk to.' He thought mildly.
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(Open to any) [20 Sep 2005|06:32pm]

(OOC: Apologies for abscense, new mun controlling this guy now. T.T)

Mind numbing, body piercing, screeching, pain.
He stumbled his way around the sidewalk, people avoided him like a plague, had he been in a right state of mind he wouldn't have blamed them, must've looked like a fucking psycho.
His clothes had been slightly shredded, his hair loose and falling over his face, obscuring his eyes. Blood speckled the white clothes and he seemed drunk.
His hand scrabbled over the wall, attempting to allow him some sort of stabilized support, but failed when his left foot caught on the heel of his right and he flew forward, smacking the ground.
His mind whirled as the pain of his skin scraping cement blended with the already fading pain.
'What... what happened... to me...' He thought vaguely and curled slightly, his body burning all over.
Slowly, his mind tried to calculate what had happened as he faded from conciousness. 'White... soft... feathers...?'
He drifted into a state comatose, right in front of the doors leading to purgatory.
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Why Me? (Open to any) [12 Sep 2005|04:57pm]

Arime wandered back towards her apartment, not paying much attention to where she was going. Spending the night at Purgatory was fun, but sunrise was approaching and the usual exhaustion began to wash over her. She wandered through the street near her apartment building, but paused when she heard her cell phone ring. Curiosity nagging at her, she flipped open the phone, “Hello?”

A familiar voice came through the speaker, ‘Oni-sama?’ (OOC: Oni-sama is Japanese for big sister.)

She blinked, “Aaron? Is that you?”

There was silence for a moment before...‘Where have you been!?! I’ve been looking for you for seven years!’

Arime winced and held the phone away from her ear, “Jeez Aaron, do you have to deafen me?”

‘Why didn’t you call? You could have written at least!”

She sighed, “You’re right, I should have written. Then again, you could have called me.”

‘...Why did you leave?’

“You know why I left. I hated mom and dad. Besides, I didn’t appreciate being put in an arranged marriage.” Her tone turned slightly teasing, “So, have they set you up with someone yet?”

‘...Arime, mom and dad died last year.’

Arime’s eyes widened at the news, “They did? I’m sorry Aaron, I didn’t know. Wait a minute, then who are you living with?”

When Aaron spoke next, his voice was laced with amusement, ‘I’m coming to live with you.’

“...Aaron, would you care to repeat that?”

‘I’m coming to live with you.’

Arime sighed, “Alright. Where are you?”

Aaron laughed, ‘Look up.’ She looked up at her window and Aaron waved down at her with a grin.

Closing her phone with a twitch, Arime sighed and shook her head, “Why me?”
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(Open to Drake/any. Multiple people accepted, except Skye, Tetsuya and Arime. XD Kidding >.>) [10 Sep 2005|09:53pm]

(OOC: I return!)

Gin sighed miserably as he stepped into his apartment. So long had passed since he had been in this room.
Since discovering Faust had cheated on him.
With Aly.
That was a blow he wasn't used to taking, so rather than yell or snap on the spot, he had just left San Fran for a while.
He wasn't counting on it being over 2 months.
Shutting the door behind him he remembered the day so vividly. Aly had come running into Purgatory, nothing out of the ordinary, he said he was looking for the gift Drake had gotten him. When Gin had asked him why he seemed so exhausted and red, Aly replied he had been doing 'things'.
Apparently these 'things' made him blush. So Gin had pressed, found out Aly had ran into Faust, and curiosity elevated from there.
It had hurt. So bad.
Why though? It wasn't like he should feel traumatized by this, Faust after all, was a guy.
Shit happened.
So why the pain?
2 months of searching and being alone gave no answers, but he had gotten over it some. So, here he was, wet from the rain outside, miserable, and grumpy. Running a hand through his sopping wet hair, he shrugged off his black leather jacket and dumped it on a chair, noting the layer of dust.
'Should take care of that.' He thought absently as he walked through the familiar apartment, reaquainting himself with the environment.
Then he noticed the small pile of mail next to his door that he had stepped on.
Noticing the curves of the letters on them he'd have to say quite a few were from Merl, Drake, Tatsuya and so on.
He cringed.
'I'll deal with that later.' Gently he began tugging off his silken shirt, that was completely soaked, obliterating it's opacity. Tossing that to the floor he swiftly began undoing his pants and dropped that to the floor as well as he made his way to the shower stall.
Stepping inside, he turned the knobs and allowed the cascade of water to wash away 2 months of pain, frustration and annoyance.

Amazingly he spent 2 hours in the shower before the water finally went cold, the manager must have updated in his abscence.
With a sigh he turned off the taps and exited, ignoring the dusty but warm and dry towel to his right he made his way to his room and absently pulled on a pair of shorts, before realizing with annoyance his room was stuffy and far too hot. With a soft muttered curse he opened the window before making his way to the living room and after grabbing a few letters from the floor, walked over to the kitchen and opened the large window that led to the fire-escape. Stepping over the ledge he sat on the hard metal rungs that served as a floor and leaned against the walls. Relaxing in the cool winds that caressed his skin he started going through the letters.
"Okay... letter from Drake. Ignore. Letter from Merl. Check later. Letter from manager. Burn. Letter from... who the-?" He blinked at the unknown curls of writing and checked the back.
"No return address?" He asked stupidly and dropped the other letters, ignoring the one letter that fell through the spaces and fluttered to the ground. The one from Drake coincidentally. Opening the letter, he blinked when nothing but a piece of paper folded up fell to the ground. Blinking, he opened the sheaf of paper, and blinked, before turning pale.
Two locks of hair.
One brown and tinted red.
The other silver as his own, but more pure white.
Both covered in blood speckled silver.
His blood.
Angel blood.
"Uay." He breathed in shock.
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Look at Me (Open: Morozko, others?) [01 Sep 2005|10:44pm]
Nobody ever looked directly at Clarence when he was entering the club known as Purgatory. It was almost like he was invisible... oh wait, he was. It was easier that way, even if he had to dodge the girls dressed as slutty fairies, and the beefy hitman guarding the door. There was the faintest inkling he could have been caught, and possibly killed by now if it truly bothered anyone in charge. Apparantly Stephan wasn't allowing it, or he simply wasn't seen as a threat. Not that Clarence wanted to endanger Purgatory, but his pride was opting for the former.

Musing on different things of no apparant order or reason, the strawberry haired boy sampled his glass of ice water. It was another hot day in Purgatory, and he had the displeaure of feeling his already tight clothes get that much more so due to heat induced moisture. Purgatory being packed didn't help either... for a fairly calm individual, Clarence was slowly losing his patience. He needed something to distract himself with, and it just wasn't showing up. He tapped his fingernails, admittedly not perfect that day as he had recently bought some plants to make his hotel room more... homey. They didn't water and tend themselves, you know. So yes, there was also the fact that tiny amount of dirt that may be under his fingernails was also annoying him.

Being clean was next to being Clare. It just made things work.

"If there is a higher force, something interesting will happen... soon," The boy said half-heartedly, growling slightly as he took another sip of water.
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Let Me Fuck My Drugs (Open) [21 Aug 2005|09:21pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Evan had had a fairly rough day of working. He hated when people looked at him strangely. It was so damned annoying, and rude too. They should just accept that there were people in the world different than them. Oh well, it really didn't matter to him what they thought. Just as long as they didn't voice it. And if they did, he'd say something smartassy back, but not really do anything. Maybe pray for their untimely death later. Or not. It was all dependant on how he felt later. He slipped on his headphones and turned on his iPod, blaring metal into his skull. As if he needed to be any more damaged. His body was aching again and he pulled over into an alley and pulled out a bottle of codiene. It was the only thing he felt safe carrying around anymore. He popped three into his mouth and swallowed them dry. Only a few more minutes and the throbbing in his body would cease. How lovely these chemicals were, making your body believe there's nothing to attack and mellow out. Turning back, he made his way down the sidewalk toward the clubs. There was a new one he wanted to try out. As he arrived, he flashed his driver's license and was allowed inside after beind patted down for weapons.

As soon as he stepped in, he was in heaven. Absolute bliss. The air was laden with the bluish haze of smoke and flashing with strobes that danced over the folding and refolding clouds around him. The heat was crawling along his deadened skin like something erotic and made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. The bass drumming in his ears made him stride more than walk toward the dance floor, his hips swaying lightly. He was in a pair of tight black leather shorts that were cut off right at the base of his ass. The waist line was done around his hips, making the actual leather covered area quite small. And it left nothing for the imagination. There was nothing covering his torso at all, exposing the necromancy symbol tattooed into his back. There was the closed bloom of a white rose tucked tightly into the front of his shorts. That was how he became interested. When they picked up his hint and took the rose from where it was.

As he reached the edge of the dancefloor, he skirted off to the side and pulled a small syringe out of a thigh pocket. He snapped the needle into place at the end and slid the point into the vein on the inside of his arm. Watching, he pressed the hammer down until the heroine within was gone and rushing through his system. He pulled out the needle and tossed it to the side. Even if someone did find it, for the records, he was dead. Sighing, he relaxed for a moment, feeling his heart pumping the blood through him. His head tilted back and he stared at the ceiling until the euphoria peeked it's head around the corner of his mind. That was the signal. He stepped onto the dance floor, working himself into a nice littlespot where he had room to move. He closed his eyes and locked his hands togetehr behind his head, his elbows in the air as he began twisting and writhing to the music. His red hair swirled around him as he was taken into the sea of sounds and feelings.

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Watching; Waiting; Anticipating (Open to Any) [08 Aug 2005|07:44pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

The sound of clinking glasses and laughter assaulted his ears and grated on his tolerance. He set his own empty can of beer down on the counter and smiled charmingly at the bartender on duty. Folding his arms across his chest, he felt the material of his shirt stretching taut and hugging his upper body like a second skin. He purred softly and fell silent after a time of watching the dancers prancing or gyrating around the dance floor. Without a second thought, he pushed away from the bar and headed toward his office.

Maybe he could get a little work done.

Unlocking the door and steping inside, he carefully shut it back and moved over to his desk. Propping up with his feet on the edge, he pulled out the inventory reports and a few other little notes the staff had sent him. One in particular caught his interest and he reread it in disbelief. Blinking and balling it up, he felt it disentegrate before it even hit the trashcan. His feet flopped to the floor with a loud sound and he leaned on his palms.

"Gods save us all," he murmured softly.

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Silent Yet Unafraid ((Open: All)) [04 Aug 2005|04:56pm]

Angelica did her best. Emerald eyes adjusting in an attempt to pierce the sudden gloom of atmosphere with her gaze as darkest night of the outside world gave way to darker pulse of this world not quite below, not quite above. A hazy sort of inbetween. Purgatory.

Tawny hair whispered against the curve of a white cheek, tones of gold illuminated in the capricious mass as it caressed bare shoulders and hugged each and ever curve her porcelain form offered. Such an elegance of silk that clothed her was abruptly and thankfully halted from being over done due to shredded nature of the ivory gown's bottom, tatters hanging about her knees in thin strips giving view of an alabaster thigh that dipped into boots of innocent white. An oval shape ornament of tarnished gold hung upon the low dipped neckline of her attire, drawing attention to a woman's vanity.

Eyes of jade fire slid about her surroundings quietly, head tipping away in what might have been modesty at the foreign eyes that lit upon her. Oh, some of those eyes were legitimate in their attractions; drawn by the murmur of silk against skin like silk and the tongue that drew with cruel innocence over plush lips. Others, more in fact, simply by the pulse of veins beneath nearly translucent skin and the suggestion of naivety that she presented.

She skirted the dance floor, avoiding the press of grinding bodies, brush of groping hands, and constriction of sweaty limbs against sweaty limbs. Opted instead to sink into a seat at the bar, resting finger upon the top in a feather light meeting of skin against the firm platform. Crossed her legs, surveying the dancefloor from beneth the shadow of dark lashes. It would take a hell of a lot of drinks before she'd consign herself to that mass.

There was little else to do for the moment but order a drink, ignore the dirty smiles, and content herself with the dirtier feeling of ease in this utterly un-Angelica like setting.
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Open to: Cain or Any [07 Jul 2005|10:11am]

Djinn ducked his head under the hood of the coat he was wearing, the jeans on his lower half clinging to his legs almost uncomfortably now that he'd made his way into the club. Going incognito seemed like the best way to go after his unfortunate incident a few weeks earlier. Former lovers were always a handful, but when Gale had appeared on his doorstep after months of running, Djinn was a bit more than floored.

A few days of torment insued, both in bed and out, much to the pale haired man's disgust. But when you were being attacked it was better to be calm, wait until it was over, then be done with it, right?

He didn't feel any better for letting it happen. The four days, weeks ago, had taken their toll on him. Unable to show himself out in public, especially at the club, he locked himself in his apartment once Gale had left once again.

Moving to avoid being slammed into by a few drunks just past the doorway, he made his way to the bar, hiding his face in the folds of the coat. He half hoped that Cain would be there, waiting patiently for him after such a long time being apart. No contact, no phonecalls, not even sure he had an angel to go back too, not even sure he wanted his lover to see him now. Then again, he reasoned that he wouldn't be there if he didn't want to be found.

Sitting down at the far corner of the bar, he ordered a drink, and sighed with relief as the bartender not only didn't seem to recognize him, but paid him no more attention than to give him his drink. The Captain Morgan burned his throat as he gulped it down, leaving a heated taste in his mouth before ordering another.
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Open to: ALL [04 Jul 2005|12:11am]

Morozko grazed his tongue lightly over the smooth edge of his right canine, feeling at the sharpened tip as the bartender slid another wide glass of liquor across the wooden surface to him. Nodding, he raised it to his neck, letting the coolness of the ice-filled object sooth his skin as the unbearable July heat filtered in through the doors, the windows, and pumped from all the enticing bodies in the room.

Granted, not as bad as hell, but bad enough.

The humidity bore down on him even harder, lines of sweat and perspiration from the glass slinking down the pale skin of his neck and over his chiseled chest, reflecting lightly in the strobes high above.

For an eternity it seemed he'd attempted to hide away from the summer torture, his air conditioned apartment kept consistantly at levels just above freezing. Normally, it worked, but boredom had set in quickly with the idea of so many needy bodies waiting for his return teasing at his brain.

At this point, the mere thought of sex caused another turret of unwelcome heat to cascade over his body, growling at the feel of it.

"Doesn't this place have a fucking air conditioning system?" He hissed at the man on the other side of the bar, sliding the glass to his chest in the hopes that it would help cool his skin faster.

"It's already up as far as it'll go." The tall man grimaced, raising an eyebrow. "No one's sweatin' as much as you are though."

"You think?" The ice demon spat back, lifting the glass to his lips before gulping half of it down, the liquid blissfully cold.

"Some of the rooms upstairs are a bit cooler if you're interested, but I wouldn't be goin' up there by yourself." The bartender grinned. "Might ruin that sparklin' rep of yours."

"Fuck yourself." Morozko replied pointedly, slipping from the barstool, leaning against the counter as he dragged the glass down the front of his chiseled abdomen, just above the hemline of his leather pants, scanning the crowd for company. The man's idea was a good one, and the prospect of a little entertainment as he cooled off was far from unappealing.
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Open to Daiven (or Drake) [18 Jun 2005|05:59pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

(OOC: Happening sometime before Instinct’s debut)
Tatsuya stepped out of the cab, slipping into Purgatory with a nod to the bouncer. Stepping into the electric atmosphere, she allowed herself to relax for the first time since she had finished her shift at the grocery store where she worked.
She thought about going straight to the bar, maybe torture Gin before meeting up with Daiven, but found herself lingering by the dance floor, listening to the music.
Instinct will be debuting soon, she thought. She had been practicing every night. Well...almost every night. In any case, she was looking forward to performing. Merle was an amazing lyricist.
She heard someone whistle, and ignored them, although she did feel her cheeks get warm. More than ever she felt like she was a cosplay character, dressed in one of her fashion-designer friend’s creations. (OOC: for description of what she’s wearing, see Tatsuya’s journal) More than once since putting it on she had thought of chickening out and taking it off, but in the end her curiosity had won. She was curious to see what the reaction would be.
As another person whistled at her, she flushed further. I would say the reaction is pretty damn good, she thought, gritting her teeth. She was going to kill Laurel later...
Sighing, Tatsuya leaned against a pillar that bordered the dance floor. She stared at the dancers, half of her wanting to join them...

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An Old Friend Visits (Stefan/?) [17 Jun 2005|10:48pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

A golden, shining being sat behind the table and drummed his fingers idly against the top. Blue eyes stared over the sea of humanity and other creatures with an air of complete disdain as well as disgust. The man's skin glowed faintly and the perfection inherent in his every move was overwhelming. He was too beautiful for words yet something about him seemed off. The turn of his lip and aura he gave off spoke of bloodshed and cruelty.

Here was beauty without conscience or reason. The male was a form of insanity unique to Heaven but more suited to Hell.

"How can you stand to be near them all the time?" a rich, cultured voice asked. The polite tone and condescenion were quite real.

Sky blue eyes carefully studied the glorious one who graced Purgatory. Stefan smirked faintly and took another long drink of his usual bourbon. "I'll take them over you any day. They have a soul."

Conversating with an old flamefriendbastardCollapse )
Opening his office door, Stefan gestured for Michael to enter before him. Oh yes, this night was just lookign terrific.

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Open to any/Haisha/Gin/Members of Instinct/Lapis [10 Jun 2005|10:10pm]

(( Finally got around to doing this, I have clearance to a little bit of freeway with the other members ))

7:55pm. Well at least he wasn't late, though he was cutting it close. After meeting Haisha, Merl cut a straight line through the dance floor of Purgatory while his hand was clasped around the were's, his white tank top shirt outlined his leanly muscled chest well and his white fingerless gloves that ended almost at his elbows were a nice addition. Black pants with well polished dress shoes only added to his seeming ethereal look about him.

Heading straight to the stage he hopped up onto it and smiled apologetically to Tatsuya, Drake and Arime who were already setting up. Then he turned and motioned for Haisha to climb upstage, simply to introduce his newfound pet to the others.
"Guys meet Haisha." He said calmly. "A new friend of mine." He said with a sly grin to Haisha, 'friend' would do for now.
"We all set?" He asked calmly as he moved about trying to find the equipment he would be using for tonight.
'God I hope I do this right... or I am so screwed up. Goddamn I'm panicking.' He thought quite irritated as his eyes turned slightly black.

"Haisha, you can watch from backstage after you've said hi to the members of Instinct." He said calmly while walking back to the were looking a bit disoriented. He smiled apologetically at the were and whispered so only he could hear;
"We'll.... talk later after this." He said with a gentle brush of his lips against the were's cheek. "Wish me luck?" He asked teasingly.
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[02 Jun 2005|05:44pm]

A soft glow surrounded the oak tree as Hisume stepped out, her ethereal body solidifying into flesh and bone. Her eyes opened slowly and she let out a sigh as she stretched. She looked around, expecting to see a village surrounded by a forest, but instead she saw the city of San Francisco. Her eyes settled on an establishment named Purgatory, “Hmmm, maybe someone in there can tell me what’s going on.” She looked herself over, “I can’t go in there in this form though.” Closing her eyes in concentration, she felt the familiar tingle dance across her skin as she shifted into an adult form. The blue jeans hugged her hips comfortably and the black halter-top fit nicely, “Much better.” With a casual stride, she wandered into town and stepped into Purgatory to take a seat at one of the corner tables.
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A heads up to Gin but open to any. [21 May 2005|06:19pm]

(OOC: About one month from the last time.)

Reve sashayed up to the counter in high spirits, feeling rather confident given the day's successful practice. She slid onto a chair, ordered a Long Island, and looked around curiously, cautious but no longer quite so intimidated by her surroundings.
She thought to herself, 'A world can seem awfully small when there are only a handful of places where I can be seen sans effort. I suppose I'd better make the most of them.'
Then while waiting for her drink she peeled off her cardigan, crossed her legs like lotus, and closed her eyes, attempting to sense the activities around her.
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