Merlin K. Cimatura (wingsofamber) wrote in purgatory_rpg,
Merlin K. Cimatura

Open to any/Haisha/Gin/Members of Instinct/Lapis

(( Finally got around to doing this, I have clearance to a little bit of freeway with the other members ))

7:55pm. Well at least he wasn't late, though he was cutting it close. After meeting Haisha, Merl cut a straight line through the dance floor of Purgatory while his hand was clasped around the were's, his white tank top shirt outlined his leanly muscled chest well and his white fingerless gloves that ended almost at his elbows were a nice addition. Black pants with well polished dress shoes only added to his seeming ethereal look about him.

Heading straight to the stage he hopped up onto it and smiled apologetically to Tatsuya, Drake and Arime who were already setting up. Then he turned and motioned for Haisha to climb upstage, simply to introduce his newfound pet to the others.
"Guys meet Haisha." He said calmly. "A new friend of mine." He said with a sly grin to Haisha, 'friend' would do for now.
"We all set?" He asked calmly as he moved about trying to find the equipment he would be using for tonight.
'God I hope I do this right... or I am so screwed up. Goddamn I'm panicking.' He thought quite irritated as his eyes turned slightly black.

"Haisha, you can watch from backstage after you've said hi to the members of Instinct." He said calmly while walking back to the were looking a bit disoriented. He smiled apologetically at the were and whispered so only he could hear;
"We'll.... talk later after this." He said with a gentle brush of his lips against the were's cheek. "Wish me luck?" He asked teasingly.
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