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Morozko grazed his tongue lightly over the smooth edge of his right canine, feeling at the sharpened tip as the bartender slid another wide glass of liquor across the wooden surface to him. Nodding, he raised it to his neck, letting the coolness of the ice-filled object sooth his skin as the unbearable July heat filtered in through the doors, the windows, and pumped from all the enticing bodies in the room.

Granted, not as bad as hell, but bad enough.

The humidity bore down on him even harder, lines of sweat and perspiration from the glass slinking down the pale skin of his neck and over his chiseled chest, reflecting lightly in the strobes high above.

For an eternity it seemed he'd attempted to hide away from the summer torture, his air conditioned apartment kept consistantly at levels just above freezing. Normally, it worked, but boredom had set in quickly with the idea of so many needy bodies waiting for his return teasing at his brain.

At this point, the mere thought of sex caused another turret of unwelcome heat to cascade over his body, growling at the feel of it.

"Doesn't this place have a fucking air conditioning system?" He hissed at the man on the other side of the bar, sliding the glass to his chest in the hopes that it would help cool his skin faster.

"It's already up as far as it'll go." The tall man grimaced, raising an eyebrow. "No one's sweatin' as much as you are though."

"You think?" The ice demon spat back, lifting the glass to his lips before gulping half of it down, the liquid blissfully cold.

"Some of the rooms upstairs are a bit cooler if you're interested, but I wouldn't be goin' up there by yourself." The bartender grinned. "Might ruin that sparklin' rep of yours."

"Fuck yourself." Morozko replied pointedly, slipping from the barstool, leaning against the counter as he dragged the glass down the front of his chiseled abdomen, just above the hemline of his leather pants, scanning the crowd for company. The man's idea was a good one, and the prospect of a little entertainment as he cooled off was far from unappealing.
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