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Watching; Waiting; Anticipating (Open to Any)

The sound of clinking glasses and laughter assaulted his ears and grated on his tolerance. He set his own empty can of beer down on the counter and smiled charmingly at the bartender on duty. Folding his arms across his chest, he felt the material of his shirt stretching taut and hugging his upper body like a second skin. He purred softly and fell silent after a time of watching the dancers prancing or gyrating around the dance floor. Without a second thought, he pushed away from the bar and headed toward his office.

Maybe he could get a little work done.

Unlocking the door and steping inside, he carefully shut it back and moved over to his desk. Propping up with his feet on the edge, he pulled out the inventory reports and a few other little notes the staff had sent him. One in particular caught his interest and he reread it in disbelief. Blinking and balling it up, he felt it disentegrate before it even hit the trashcan. His feet flopped to the floor with a loud sound and he leaned on his palms.

"Gods save us all," he murmured softly.
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