Clarence Mauve (_clare_) wrote in purgatory_rpg,
Clarence Mauve

Look at Me (Open: Morozko, others?)

Nobody ever looked directly at Clarence when he was entering the club known as Purgatory. It was almost like he was invisible... oh wait, he was. It was easier that way, even if he had to dodge the girls dressed as slutty fairies, and the beefy hitman guarding the door. There was the faintest inkling he could have been caught, and possibly killed by now if it truly bothered anyone in charge. Apparantly Stephan wasn't allowing it, or he simply wasn't seen as a threat. Not that Clarence wanted to endanger Purgatory, but his pride was opting for the former.

Musing on different things of no apparant order or reason, the strawberry haired boy sampled his glass of ice water. It was another hot day in Purgatory, and he had the displeaure of feeling his already tight clothes get that much more so due to heat induced moisture. Purgatory being packed didn't help either... for a fairly calm individual, Clarence was slowly losing his patience. He needed something to distract himself with, and it just wasn't showing up. He tapped his fingernails, admittedly not perfect that day as he had recently bought some plants to make his hotel room more... homey. They didn't water and tend themselves, you know. So yes, there was also the fact that tiny amount of dirt that may be under his fingernails was also annoying him.

Being clean was next to being Clare. It just made things work.

"If there is a higher force, something interesting will happen... soon," The boy said half-heartedly, growling slightly as he took another sip of water.
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