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(Open to Drake/any. Multiple people accepted, except Skye, Tetsuya and Arime. XD Kidding >.>)

(OOC: I return!)

Gin sighed miserably as he stepped into his apartment. So long had passed since he had been in this room.
Since discovering Faust had cheated on him.
With Aly.
That was a blow he wasn't used to taking, so rather than yell or snap on the spot, he had just left San Fran for a while.
He wasn't counting on it being over 2 months.
Shutting the door behind him he remembered the day so vividly. Aly had come running into Purgatory, nothing out of the ordinary, he said he was looking for the gift Drake had gotten him. When Gin had asked him why he seemed so exhausted and red, Aly replied he had been doing 'things'.
Apparently these 'things' made him blush. So Gin had pressed, found out Aly had ran into Faust, and curiosity elevated from there.
It had hurt. So bad.
Why though? It wasn't like he should feel traumatized by this, Faust after all, was a guy.
Shit happened.
So why the pain?
2 months of searching and being alone gave no answers, but he had gotten over it some. So, here he was, wet from the rain outside, miserable, and grumpy. Running a hand through his sopping wet hair, he shrugged off his black leather jacket and dumped it on a chair, noting the layer of dust.
'Should take care of that.' He thought absently as he walked through the familiar apartment, reaquainting himself with the environment.
Then he noticed the small pile of mail next to his door that he had stepped on.
Noticing the curves of the letters on them he'd have to say quite a few were from Merl, Drake, Tatsuya and so on.
He cringed.
'I'll deal with that later.' Gently he began tugging off his silken shirt, that was completely soaked, obliterating it's opacity. Tossing that to the floor he swiftly began undoing his pants and dropped that to the floor as well as he made his way to the shower stall.
Stepping inside, he turned the knobs and allowed the cascade of water to wash away 2 months of pain, frustration and annoyance.

Amazingly he spent 2 hours in the shower before the water finally went cold, the manager must have updated in his abscence.
With a sigh he turned off the taps and exited, ignoring the dusty but warm and dry towel to his right he made his way to his room and absently pulled on a pair of shorts, before realizing with annoyance his room was stuffy and far too hot. With a soft muttered curse he opened the window before making his way to the living room and after grabbing a few letters from the floor, walked over to the kitchen and opened the large window that led to the fire-escape. Stepping over the ledge he sat on the hard metal rungs that served as a floor and leaned against the walls. Relaxing in the cool winds that caressed his skin he started going through the letters.
"Okay... letter from Drake. Ignore. Letter from Merl. Check later. Letter from manager. Burn. Letter from... who the-?" He blinked at the unknown curls of writing and checked the back.
"No return address?" He asked stupidly and dropped the other letters, ignoring the one letter that fell through the spaces and fluttered to the ground. The one from Drake coincidentally. Opening the letter, he blinked when nothing but a piece of paper folded up fell to the ground. Blinking, he opened the sheaf of paper, and blinked, before turning pale.
Two locks of hair.
One brown and tinted red.
The other silver as his own, but more pure white.
Both covered in blood speckled silver.
His blood.
Angel blood.
"Uay." He breathed in shock.
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