Merlin K. Cimatura (wingsofamber) wrote in purgatory_rpg,
Merlin K. Cimatura

(Open to any)

(OOC: Apologies for abscense, new mun controlling this guy now. T.T)

Mind numbing, body piercing, screeching, pain.
He stumbled his way around the sidewalk, people avoided him like a plague, had he been in a right state of mind he wouldn't have blamed them, must've looked like a fucking psycho.
His clothes had been slightly shredded, his hair loose and falling over his face, obscuring his eyes. Blood speckled the white clothes and he seemed drunk.
His hand scrabbled over the wall, attempting to allow him some sort of stabilized support, but failed when his left foot caught on the heel of his right and he flew forward, smacking the ground.
His mind whirled as the pain of his skin scraping cement blended with the already fading pain.
'What... what happened... to me...' He thought vaguely and curled slightly, his body burning all over.
Slowly, his mind tried to calculate what had happened as he faded from conciousness. 'White... soft... feathers...?'
He drifted into a state comatose, right in front of the doors leading to purgatory.
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