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Life was miserable.
Aly sat in a small corner table of Purgatory, idly twirling an untouched drink.
He was never one for alcohol, though he found that if he didn't either order a drink or dance with someone, the waiters and waitresses never left him alone, forever thinking him a loiterer or a minor who didn't belong. It was simply easier this way.
With a sigh he brooded moodily and slumped over the table-top, his eyes at half mast and his mouth curved downwards and poutish.
'Phoo... I made Gin mad... he says he wasn't but I knew he was, and then he left for two months... phooey.' He thought mutely as he dipped his finger in the drink and idly twirled the ice.
"Here you go sweety, you looked a little down tonight so I brought your favorite." A waitress commented as she stopped by the table and placed a tray upon it. Aly looked up and put on his brightest smile.
"Thanks!" He exclaimed in a chipperly voice.
'How did I get so good at acting?' His mind wondered vaguely as he recognized the server, a woman he had met a while ago, and whom had taking a liking to him when she discovered he had lost his entire family. She waved idly at him and walked off to serve other tables, as soon as he was sure she was busy, he turned back to sulking.
Though not before glancing at the tray, and he discovered, to some mild delight his favorite fruit.
Straberries. Gleefully pulling one from the bowl, he also discovered she had brought his favorite topping and smiled a little secretively.
She really did go all out for him.
Taking the strawberry and twirling it endlessly in the bowl of heated chocolate, he brought it to his lips and sucked at the dripping warm liquid tentatively, and a small smile of blissful ignorance took place as his tongue reached out to lick the fruit. Making a small noise of appreciation he lapped up the chocolate and took a tiny bite of the fruit happily.
'Hee! She even brought my favorite kind of choclate!' He thought happily, feeling much better, the alcohol long forgotten.
After a few small bites, the fruit was devoured and Aly quickly went for another, as he swirled the second straberry in the bowl, he noticed with mild annoyance he had gotten chocolate sauce over his fingers.
"Drat." He muttered releasing the straberry to the pool of chocolate as he lifted his hand up and licked and sucked the fingers clean.
'This might be a good night after all.' He thought as he sucked a nub of sauce from his index finger and glancing up thoughtfully. 'Just wish I had someone to talk to.' He thought mildly.
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