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Sunset Watching (Open to a Stubborn Mule)

Jade slowly ran his fingers along his sides with a contented sound. Walking quietly along the sidewalk, he paused and took a careful seat on the bench. The fading rays of sunlight colored the bay and docks in an array of splendid oranges blending to vibrant red. The biting chill of winter rode the air and promised a cold night to come.

He sighed and huddled a little further into the confines of his deep brown, suede coat. Brown jeans matched it perfectly and hugged his lower body. A rich golden sweater shifted vibrantly against his chest. The redhead tucked a few errant strands of hair out of his eyes. Loneliness jabbed at his chest and caused him to breathe a little harder. Rubbing his fingers across his stomach, Jade felt his mind go completely blank for a change.

At last, he'd learned to tune out the emotional levels of those around him. It had only taken him how many lifetimes to learn such a simple skill? He snorted faintly and debated on getting up to get a cup of hot chocolate or something. Eventually, he decided. Jade wanted to be lazy and savor the moment. So few calm and quiet ones existed for him now that each one he found was a rare gift to be treasured.

"So beautiful," he murmured softly to himself. What could possibly ruin a peaceful scene? Jade didn't want to know but a faint thrill along his spine warned him he might one day find out.
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