Rhiannon Kira Lefrost (rhiannonlefrost) wrote in purgatory_rpg,
Rhiannon Kira Lefrost

A quiet night at home...(Stefan)

Rhiannon hummed quietly to herself as she moved through Stefan's kitchen. She had decided that tonight she would cook a meal for her and Stefan. Now in the past, she had had issues with such a task, but this time she was determined to get it right. Her gait was gracefully, as the short black dress with the low back seemed to sway with her every movement. She moved back and forth at the stove from one pot to another. Ki was perched quietly upon her shoulder looking over everything.

He won't eat it.

" Yes he will, quit nay saying. It smells good!" Rhiannon smiled brightly as she continued to stir the globby mix resembling alfredo sauce.

No he won't. He doesn't like you. You should listen to Asher and leave him. He smells funny too.

" Oh knock it off Ki." Rhiannon smiled towards the dragon, " You're just mad because he kicked you out of the apartment last night for setting his side of the bed on fire, and when you tried to fly back in he slammed the window down so you flew into it."

Bastard. If he can't take the heat...

" Let it go Ki."
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