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Oriel (open) [11 May 2005|10:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

He'd come to purgatory searching for someone with some resemblance of powere to his own. His brilliant green eyes searched the mass of beings in the place. Making his way to the bar he felt power at his back and knew this place wasn't normal.

The white of his shirt that hung loose on him looked yellow in the lights. He hadn't bothered to tuck it in the black jeans the stretched tight. He'd pulled his hair up into a messy half ponytail as he walked to the bar. Ordering a drink he paid the man and leaned against it.

Skimming the room again he made sure that his silver cross was tucked under his shirt. He always carried it for more than one reason. He tugged on the silver earring and shifted his weight. It was fairly obvious he was new here.

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Open to Nishan [08 May 2005|08:21pm]

Chaos lazily opened one eye to find a beautiful sleeping form in front of him, and for a moment his memory failed him and he wondered how the hell he had managed to catch something so fine, before it returned.
Oh yeah.
'Well damn.' The demon thought uncharacteristically while laughing silently in his head. He glanced around himself dully to notice it was cold, he should really complain to the damn apartment manager... whatever. Smiling, he noted that there was quite a bit of stickyness to be had and decided a shower was quickly in order.

Of course if he was joined by his lovely sweet... well there was an added bonus. Although Chaos hated to disturb that beautifully serene, and- dare he say it?- cute face. Chaos didn't like being sticky and instead decided to be a childishly immature demon and have his way.
Besides, there was a certain magic to be had in the shower...

Pressing his lips gently against the angel's, he gently ran his fingers along the wings that had encircled them, slightly entranced by their pure white color, and testing the theory he had heard from one of his friends that brushing the spines of an angel's wing made them ticklish.
"Wake up sweet thing... your vulnerable form is an exceeding turn on, and I'm sure you're still sore..." Chaos whispered.
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[08 May 2005|08:34pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Sliding into Purgatory the second time that week, Siobhan looked over the place with a faint fondness, lights and shows dancing over his skin. He smiled faintly then in humour, side-stepping a couple tangled quite distractingly, and wandered to lean against the bar with no real goal in mind. Boredom and frustration were his usual reasons for coming here, but also for want of a warm body or some sharp conversation.

He seemed less formal than his previous visit, suit swapped for dark slacks an an attractive dark green shirt, silver chains and silver rings looping parts of his body. Ordering a small ruski, he slid into a seat but watched the dancing people with an unreadable expression. He mused over a banter with Ethan if he were around, but gazed with social interest for an interesting person he may kill a bit of time with.

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Getting away with Murder... [05 May 2005|11:33pm]

[ mood | infuriated ]

The shadows seemed to weave behind him as he moved through the streets of the city. Fear radiating off his body like a thick liquid wave engulfing block after block in its sufficating presence. Hardened silver eyes did not waver from their foward gaze as he moved slowly down the street. Each street light he passed seemed to shudder before exploding, the fragments of shattered glass falling like rain to the street. The Buildings he passed began to shiver as if trying to fold in upon themselves.

" ...letum.. nox... dulciter...." Tristan cold voice whispered like a chilled wind. The shadows behind him slowly began to fold, grow and take shape. Out of those shadows, wolves as black as night began to emerge, most with two heads and eyes of bloodshot crimson. Growling and howling those creatures formed an army behind Tristan and Gavin, flowing swiftly and flawlessly.

With a swift movement of his arms, those wolves rushed forward, tearing down entry ways to the buildings; smashing through the class. Screams followed as people came running out of those buildings. The wolves flowed like liquid death, slaughtering everything in the streets turning it into a river of blood. Tristan ignored the chaos, moving foward with the regal grace of a warlord detemined to reach his throne.

A single female ran across his past, grabbing onto the black leather of his jacket, clinging to it. " Save me...please...help me..." She pleaded with him, looking terrified behind her until she looked up into his eyes.

Those silver eyes were stareing back at her as if she was nothing, a disgrace to even be touching him. With a single movement of his hand he drove his fingers deep in her stomach. Leaning close to her ear he whispered, " I am the darkness...and I have come for Death. If you are not the prince or her highness...you are worthless to me." The woman's eyes went wide in terror as Tristan's hand moved up ripping her body in two and sending it skyward. Her blood raining down upon them like a spring shower. Without a word, Tristan glanced those silver eyes forward to where a crowd of people stood in his path.

" Gavin. Remove them." He said simply before calling quietly behind him towards the shadows, " Liselle...have your fill. There is a Fae in the mists of this crowd. If The Prince and the supreme one will not meet me in direct conflict or at least greet me as an advisary, I will destroy their town in greeting."

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(Open to Stefan and other relevant players.) [04 May 2005|08:50pm]

I’d like to make an appointment.
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Open to anyone...come and play [03 May 2005|10:00pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Drake had felt refreshed after being able to manage a shower and a change of cloths. He was now wearing black leather pants that had a blue shine, and a navy blue t-shirt with silver designs on it that showed off some of it midriff. Black and white fishnet decorated his arm with a jumble of bracelets hanging from his wrist. Three silver earrings accented his ear with a couple silver chains necklaces hanging from his neck. His black hair slicked back and his eyes shinning dangerously.
Drake knew he looked good in this outfit and decided it was time to play. Hs cousin and friends were off in their own little worlds somewhere so he decided it time to "meet" some one new.
Mixing in with the crowd he decided to dance until someone catch his eye or came to talk to him. Either way Drake hoped that there would be some good hunting tonight.

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Looking for A Master (Open) [03 May 2005|08:50pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

There was a new face in Purgatory. He was a younger one, about 18 years old. He strode through the doors prepared for another night of master searching. His pale skin glowed in the dim lights as he took a look around. His tight black leather chaps were the only thing that looks half open to company he had left. He lived in the closet of an apartment shared by two men. The leather stopped on his thighs and was picked up again by a leather thong. The thin strap showed off his well modeled ass quite well. A very loose midriff tanktop covered his small chest and hung off his small shoulders. There was a metal muzzle that wrapped around his neck, covered his mouth and tucked under his hair. The key to the lock on the back was in a pocket on the inside of the front of his thong. So it could be taken off if need be. His long mahogany hair fell free to the small of his back, the waves making it shimmer with color. He looked around, surveying the potential masters around him.

There were many that reminded him of the ones he'd had before. But none really seemed to stick out. He hooked a chain leash to the loop in the front bottom of his muzzle, holding the leather loop in his other hand as an offering. Anyone who could take the hint without words passed the first test. Really anyone who was willing to let him devote himself. He'd fall head over heels for anyone who'd take him in. It was simple as that.

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Open to anyone who wants to play [01 May 2005|12:39am]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Daiven had finally made it to purgatory.
He had been hearing rumors about it for years but never visited but now that he knew some one working here the temptation was to great to ignore anymore.
To fit in with the crowd he had chosen to wear a pair of black leather pants, a silver fish netting top and a shimmery black and crimson tank top. This outfit always manage to draw stare and it was. His blond hair was wild and messy and his blue and silver eyes just seem to glow with their own light did not help this matter either.
While watching the crowd Daiven notice that most of the people did not bother to even try to hide their lust. Some even tried to steal a feel (but they were not quick and subtle enough to succeed).
"Hmm I think I am going to like this place." Daiven thought to himself as he move effortlessly among the dancers before joining them.
After a little while on the dance floor he decided to go to the bar, get a drink and wait to see who would be brave enough to come and play.

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(Open to Any) [30 Apr 2005|07:11pm]

Reve entered the establishment with trepidation, arms crossed, lips pursed. She looked about with careful scrutiny, unconsciously glowing with discomfort as she tried to pinpoint a friendly face, any friendly face. Though the details of her past life were becoming progressively less apparent she was willing to bet money she'd never visited an establishment quite like this one before.
A talk dark man crossed her path to speak with a taller darker man in a corner.
Reve felt a chill as he passed and pulled her wrap closer. Phrases like 'Not in Kansas' came to mind as she took in a dance area and still more groups of strangers. No one seemed interested in making eye contact or perhaps even noticed that she was there. Reve wasn't certain if she could even be seen – maybe they were human or unaccustomed to the bizarre. Her first glance around the room had told her this was unlikely, but you never knew.
She approached the edge of the bar and began to hang up her pelerine, it was of white cashmere and matched the clingy thing underneath. She'd found the set in Landrin's closet. The light delicate material had been comforting in its contrast to the sullied state she'd been forced to endure over the past week. In this setting however it made her feel still more out of place. As another chill hit she thought better of discarding the wrap and pulled it snugly against her, apprehension subtle but evident. She slid onto a seat and flagged a staff member with a tentative smile.
"Hi, good day? I'd like a glass of Bordeaux please."
The staff person left and returned with her drink.
"Thank you." She swished, sniffed, frowned, and sipped. "Hmph, panther piss. Do you have any 1953 Gilette, Creme de Tete? Thanks."
Her attention was briefly drawn to a couple of men who appeared to be tussling, one spoke, the other tugged, the first spoke again and then they disappeared. ‘Definitely the sort of place where bizarre things are a'foot,' she thought as tension in the room escalated. 'I wonder if this was a bad day to come here.'
The staff person returned once more, drink in hand and a bottle for her inspection.
"Again, thank you. Please leave the bottle. Oh and say, I know this is cliche and probably unforgivable, but have you seen this man?"
title or description
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The End.....(Gavin, Liselle, others perhaps) [23 Apr 2005|09:57pm]

The darkness concelled him. Moved and changed with every step he took as he reached the outskirts of the city. As that black leather boot covered foot crossed the city limits, it was if the whole entire town shuddererd from his very presence. Black leather pants bled up from those boots, held fast with a black and silver studded belt. A shirt of black fishnet covered the top half of his body, pale flesh marred by many battle scars peered out from each opening. A knee length black leather coat was elegantly place atop the fishnet. Hair the color of darkness, liquid as ink, spilled to his shoulders though it was hard to determine where his hair stopped and his jacket began. A single silver necklace hung about his neck; a silver spider who's belly was full of a dark crimson substance hanging there. A single silver earing caught and captured the pale moonlight from the sky. Storm gray eyes rimmed with silver peered out into the darkness, as if looking upon his own kingdom.

Which this place soon would be.

It was then the lone finger stretched out his arms, as if he were being crucified right there on the edge of the city. Tendrils of shadows began flowing off his body, stretching out to the night sky and snuffing out the lights of the stars and moon. Fear, dread, and utter horror, those emotions escaped with those shadows, blanketing the entire town in darkness and horror.

He was what the immortals feared.
The unspeakable demon that was born flesh and blood.
Who's name was forbbidon even in the deepest pits of hell.
And he had come...

To destroy them all...
It did not matter.
They were all his.
All his toys to be played with.

But even the insane have purpose.
When their insanity is sanity to their eyes.

Slowly the man dropped his arms, a cruel smile curving about his lips as her turned towards his right. " Perhaps that was not a loud enough welcome. I always did believe no greeting is sincere unless it was in person."
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Restless, Thy Name Be Angel (Open to Any) [20 Apr 2005|07:23pm]

[ mood | restless ]

Prowling around his office like an overgrown cat behind dark bars, Stefan glared at the paperwork in his inbox that wasn't going anywhere. He needed a vacation or a personal assistant to clear up some of the crap coming his way from the recent crackdowns in zoning laws and alcohol licensing. Apparently his bribes and the dirt he had on a few higher ups in San Francisco's public offices weren't enough. Either that or someone had been demoted when he hadn't been paying attention.

Election years. The glorious time when you fucked, fought, and bullshitted your way into the public eye.

Humming softly under his breath, Stefan finally paced his way out of the office and shut the door firmly behind him. The dark haired man wasn't sure what was causing his skin to crawl but it couldn't be good. He hadn't been this restless since the Depression and even then it'd been because he'd run out of liquor. Having little run ins with crime bosses always did ruin a mood. Appearing on the ground floor, he moved among the dancers and gave in to a whim to join them.

Tan dress slacks surrounded his legs and a dark purple shirt flared around his upper body as he gracefully moved to the beat of the song. Slender hips rocked in unison with the tempo and midnight locks flew wildly around his face as he threw himself into the music. Dancing was second nature to him, though he missed his favorite partner. Stefan's restless energy and need to do something fed into the dance. An outlet at last that didn't involve blood loss or destruction.

The night was either looking up or getting worse. He hadn't decided which yet.

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Waiting..Watching...Boredom...(Open to Any) [20 Apr 2005|12:39pm]

[ mood | bored ]

The sound of the dance music was loud enough to vibrate the floor of the club all the way up to the bar. Glancing through the smoke and press of bodies, Bastian shifted minutely from his perch against the farthest wall. Mirror shades concealed his eyes from the crowd and a can of Budweiser curled in the fingers of his left hand. Black leather pants rode his waist tightly and disappeared into thigh high, black boots. A gray tank top stretched taut over the broad muscles of his chest. A flowing black coat draped snugly over his shoulders and fluttered to the back of his legs like a set of velvet wings. Flicking moisture off his fingers, he went back to utter boredom and crowdwatching.

How Stefan loved this place and spent every night here was beyond the half-demon. Golden hair spilled freely to his waist and metallic silver strands glittered within the soft waves. The hard lines of his face were handsome in a remote, dangerous way. His lips hooked into a smirk of amusement when a couple passed him gyrating like a pair of dogs in heat. The things people did in public here still amazed him at times or perhaps it was something in the air of Purgatory that turned normal people into craving fiends.

He didn't put it past the owner to scent the place with aphrodisiacs and spike the drinks. Boredom took over again and he lightly caressed the hilt of the sword on his right side. Concealed along the line of his thigh, it matched the leather on his lower body perfectly and blended in because of that fact. Waiting for some sign only he knew, Bastian continued to sip his beer and watch.

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Open to all band members, Gin and elven_alyn [18 Apr 2005|10:19pm]
Drake had finally ventured to leave his now disastrous apartment.
He hated when his sister came to visit cause he always loses his little control he has over his mood swings when she does. She always ended up bringing up the bastard formally know as his father and of course this led to them fighting until his apartment was in shambles.
He had manage to began cleaning up but he now felt so hollow and depress.
He decided after some side stops to go back to purgatory to practice his music for the band since they would most likely be having their opening gig soon.
After stopping at a few of the stores around the city he had found the perfect gifts for the people he was close to or had starting becoming close to at the bar. He knew what it was like living with moody dragon, especially after having to live with 12 other ones for at least ten years.
After two hours of shopping he had found a silver pendent of a small angel for Arime who he knew needed a guardian to help her protect her heart for under the rough outer layer was a caring women who he treasure like a little sister. For Tasuya he had from a small crystal necklace that was supposed to shine with it wearer inner light, so he was going to use it to proved she did have one...though hide it very well sometimes. For Gin ,the fallen angel he had known the longest he had found a black shirt that would look great on him, but of course he could not resist getting the one with a dragon and a snake embroider in silver on the back. For Merlin the member of the band he had known for the shortest time he had finally deciding on getting him a gold star that was said to guide it wearer though their hardest time and he knew that there was some thing about Merlin that made one think he had seen hard times before. And finally for the newest person he had met at the bar Alyn he had found a small snow globe with a rainbow fairy dancing in the middle. Surely it was something that would make that sweet guy smile.
After depositing his gifts in front of the people he was giving them and running away before they could say anything Drake sat down at one of the table and starting practicing their music. He knew that some of them that some of them would becoming soon cause of the simple message "thanks for making me smile" written on the cards that went with the gifts.
"Now it time to see which one of them will get to me first. I could run but I know that they will chase me to the ends of the earth." Drake mused quietly out loud.

(OOC: Hey guys, sorry I have not been posting lately. I tried to pick something that each of your characters would like and sorry if I was off. And to the members of the band GO AND CHECK out OCC purgatory cause we need to decided on a name)
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Open to Nicolai (/Morozko?) [11 Apr 2005|09:31pm]

Merl had wandered down the stairs after sobering up quite a bit. He had vaguely remembered something about Morozku telling him about a person being tied up here, and after thinking it though, had finally decided to seek out the guy in case they needed help, that demon had seemed to be a little of his kilter... that and the fact Merl wouldn't pass someone of that character to pull a stunt like that.

Dressed in his black skin hugging pants and a simple black tanktop with a silver chain with a leather wrist band on his right arm, he proceeded cautionsly down the steps and did his best to ignore whatever sounds were coming from beyond the doors.

It was only when he came across a partially open door, with no sounds coming from within did he dare peak in. Not being able to see anything with his current view, he pushed the door open a bit further, before his eyes widened when they finally deciphered the vision before him.
"HOLY-!" The human yelped as he took a startled step back, before shaking his head, and doing his best to regain composure.
'That's fucked up, really fucking fucked up. When I find that guy again I'm going to nail a cross to his chest, then send him flying 600 feet into the ionosphere.' Clearing his throat, he cautiosly stepped into the room and called out.
"Hey... uh... do you need... help?" He asked hesitantly, his eyes had gone pale red with embaressment, this type of scene was completely new to him. And he figured he had better ask if the person needed help, before taking all that stuff off, only to have the guy pissed at him.
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open to any [11 Apr 2005|07:33pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Faust awoke not long after his lover had left his body missing the warmth that the other man provided. Awakening in a slightly irritated mood Faust slithered off the bed snatching up the note as he listened to his scales sliding across the floor. Reading the note quickly he crumpled it up and slithered over to where his clothes lay tossed about.

Gathering up his clothes Faust transformed back to his human form and slid on his clothing. Grabbing a comb out of his pocket he combed his hair quickly back into shape before shoving the comb in his pocket. Unlocking the door Faust followed his lover’s scent up the stairs and out the entrance to hell. Looking around Faust failed to spot his lover *dammit where has that boy gotten to.." giving up for the time being with those thoughts Faust wandered over to a wall to actually do his job for once and look out for trouble makers....

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Intimidation (Open) [08 Apr 2005|03:13pm]

Nishan had considered going to some kind of human social gathering. Like a concert. Or something like that. He'd heard about all kinds of clubs and bars and places like that. But he'd never been to one at all, infact, he didn't even know what they were like. He couldn't decide where to go. Instead, he went wandering around the city observing things as one might a museum. Watching everyone around him, he felt more at peace. There were so many different people here. So many skin, hair and eye colors that he couldn't imagine how they could all be of the same race. It seemed so impossible. And they had so many differences in likes and dislikes, the ways they acted. It was so strange. There were mothers alone with children in tow, men and women dressed for business on cellphones. There were unruly teenagers talking and hiding out in the darker corners. It was all so different than up in the clouds where he used to live. There everyone was just about the same in mannerisms and ideals of a perfect world. Because that was where they all believed they were. That Heaven was the perfect place to be. Nishan had learned differently. His friends that weren't guardians had told him that it was the human world that corrupted him. Maybe it was true. Maybe he enjoyed the spontaneous nature of Earth better than the peaceful lifestyle he once lived.

It was far past dusk when he realized he'd wandered into the night. The stars above couldn't be seen through the lights of the city. Sitting down on a bus stop bench, he leaned back, his eyes closed, listening to the world around him. The constant hum of cars and people's conversations. It was all so soothing. So much more soothing than the silence of Heaven. Pulling his head upright again, his steel gray eyes opened, watching the darker side of humans walking around him. He fit in with them decently. But that was only because he refused to be what he was banished for being. His long black bangs, colored with a few fading purple streaks, hung down, brushing his high cheekbones. Looking down, he sighed as he noticed his skin had been losing color. Though the process wasn't too quick. His tight black shirt had a pair of red angel wings on it. The cloth collar had a small chain attached to it that connected to the leather collar around his neck. His shirt had no sleeves, exposing his arms. From his slender shoulders down to his almost feminine wrists and long fingered hands. His black pants were loose, the denim bunching around his ankles. There were a few silver chains linking in random directions down his legs. As much as he loved to go around barefoot, he couldn't, so he resorted to a pair of high topped, black boots with a slight heel. They were work boots. He spotted a group of people going into the club across the street. The three story building was alive with something Nishan couldn't put his finger on.

"Purgatory..." He spoke the name of the club that hung above the entrance curiously. Such an odd name. Did the owner know the true meaning of that word, or was it just a dark name that was suitable. Something about the place intrigued and excited Nishan. Standing, he shoved his hands in his pockets and made his way over. The bouncer at the door intimidated him, but soon he'd flashed his driver's license to prove his age. He was supposed to be a twenty year old human. He was far from it. As he stepped into the dimly lighted club, his eyes had to adjust as he looked around. There was the thick hazy smoke of something that he couldn't pick out. It assaulted his senses. The aroma of blood, sex, and smoke. He swallowed hard. Half the people in the room weren't human, he could tell that much. And in turn, he knew they knew what he was. It frightened him.

"What kind of place is this?" He said gently, standing off to one side, dumbfounded. He didn't know what to do.
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Open to any [04 Apr 2005|08:46pm]

Gin was in the midst of slowly waking up. Blinking, he sat up slightly, before realizing there was a weight on his chest, glancing down, he smiled softly and inwardly chuckled. Glancing about a bit, he leaned down to kiss Faust on the forehead, before sliding out of his lover's hold. When he was out, he stretched while yawning, before pulling the sheets up to cover his naked lover before going in search of his clothes which had been dumped on the floor while he and Faust had been... playing. Grabbing what he hoped were his clothes, he settled for his jeans and shirt. Running a hand through his hair to straighten the rat ness, he quickly found a pen and piece of paper, scribbled a note to Faust explaning that he'd gone for a drink and some food, and that he would be back, he exited through the door, locking it behind him. Hey, he didn't want someone taking advantage of his beautiful lover.

Walking down the hallway and climbing the stairs, he came to the main level, giving his head one last shake to clear the sleep from his body, he headed over to the counter and calmly ordered a fire whisky. Leaning against the counter, the angel smiled slightly as he gingerly rubbed his neck where Faust had bitten him, smiling softly.
'That man is going to make me bleed a lot, I can tell.' He thought laughing inside as he pulled his hand back and small flakes of blood marred his fingertips.
'And he makes it so much fun.' With a sigh he nodded his thanks to the replacement bartender before grabbing the glass and gulping it down, letting the liquid burn his throat slightly as it did.

'Okay, I feel better. I wonder what the others are up to right now...' He thought dully glancing at the stage.
'Wonder if they're debut is gonna be soon, I can't wait to see how badly they'll mess up.' He chuckled out loud at that thought. 'Dear god, Merl as head singer, Tatsuya on keyboard... Arime on drums and Drake as the guitar player, well now they're all screwed.' He thought smiling, knowing if Tatsuya could read minds, he'd be getting a smack upside the head right now.
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Open to: all [01 Apr 2005|02:12pm]

Slipping back to the ground level of Purgatory, Morozko puffed away on his seventh cig that night, glancing about the room. A smirk played his lips as Mondo Grosso slammed the speakers, the room vibrating deliciously as he melted into the crowd.

Deciding to shed his coat for the time being, he moved to set it against the wall, sliding, shirtless toward the bar. The dark denim pants he wore sat on his hips comfortably, his abs glistening with sweat as he moved. The bartender saw him and grinned, walking over. "How'd it go with your little friend."

"I got bored with him." Morozko shrugged, nodding to him. "Jack Daniels, double, on the rocks."

The bartender nodded to him and moved to fullfill his request.

The ice demon turned to face the crowd, leaning on his elbows, his sculpted chest and abdomen still carrying a sheen of sweat as a reminder of his previous activities. He did nothing about it, the cool air from the open door across the room somehow managing to breathe against his flesh. He smiled a little at it, reaching up to run a hand through his pale hair.

The bartender returned with his drink and he gulped it down greedily, the cool, spicy liquid burning his throat pleasantly. Setting the glass back down he sighed, pleased, and scouted around the room for his next victim.
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A Drink Before Dying ....(Open....) [31 Mar 2005|07:47pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Soft strains of melody filled the portion of Purgatory known as Heaven. Tapered fingers deftly moved over the keys, sliding with a magic and warmth. The song was happy and oddly uplifting in its sweetness. Considering the musician playing the baby grand, it was shocking. The end of the song came quickly and fell away into the polite silence of the lounge area. Ethusiastic clapping and approval started immediately when the sound of the piano ended.

"Merci, all of you for indulging me. I bid you adieu," Stefan said with a charming smile. Rising from the bench, he turned away and drifted towards the stairs. An elegant three piece suit in light gray and rich cream followed every line of his body to utter perfection. The expensive clothing was tailor made to his lean, lithe frame and showed off his firm, graceful body completely. Soft leather boots in a matching shade of gray hugged his calves and allowed him to move in utter silence to the ground floor. Approaching the bar, he loosened the ponytail from the nape of his neck and let ebony strands of hair flow freely over his shoulders.

"Scotch, on the rocks," the angel said to the bartender on duty.

"No bourbon, bossman?" Jacques asked with a lift of his brow. He filled a glass and slid it down the bar towards Stefan. The owner and manager of Purgatory caught it nimbly and sipped appreciatively of the smooth beverage.

"Not tonight, Jacques. Tonight, I drink for the pleasure of others, not my own," Stefan remarked cryptically. Noting the time, he sighed and enjoyed his drink before he was due at home to pick up Rhiannon. He didn't have to meet Bastian for hours yet and he needed something warm in his stomach before the night consumed him. Humming softly under his breath, Stefan leaned against the bar and noted the considering looks Jacques kept giving him.


"No, Jacques. I don't want to discuss it. The ladies on the end require your services," Stefan replied. Jacques sighed, smiled, and headed to the other end of the bar. Stefan craddled the half-empty glass in his fingers while his clear blue eyes lazily roamed over the crowd.

Nights like this made him hunger for a good hiding place or at least more alcohol. Bastian, every year. It's the same. Ah, Rhiannon. At least this year I have you with me to dull the edge. Please, love, keep me sane tonight.

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Deadly Sins (open to any) [23 Mar 2005|09:02pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

The darkness was intoxicating, like a fine haze of marijuana smoke. He stepped through the threshold and into the lovliest den of sin Saidon had ever seen. Lust was mainly predominate; he could smell it acutely, as well as all the exotic scents the various races offered him. The varying extremities of heat the sweaty bodies emitted was enthralling, pulling in his senses in on a hook. He looked around, wishing he could feel the various skins against his body. All so promising indeed, as his informant had told him
A couple were having sex in the corner. He smirked and moved on. A few heads turned to stare at his gorgeous black leather-clad body as he moved towards the bar. 'Yes, worship me fools.' he thought, flashing a smirk. He took a seat, folding his black trench coat underneath him. The demon placed an order, before turning to watch the hypnotic array of lights that flashed over the dance floor. All the different colors; even ones he had never seen before disappeared as quickly as they had come. This new world was certainly full of suprises. Nothing like this existed in Egypt.
When his drink arrived, Saidon sipped the liquor slowly, savoring every molecule as his eyes floated shut. His senitive taste buds didn't appreciate being bombarded with anything other than certain bodily fluids. The drink was very strong, the barkeep had warned, but Saidon didn't hear him. His senses were lost in a place that was the closest thing to home since the corrupted, Medieval Catholic church.

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