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Where Darkness Comes to Play

Purgatory - Roleplaying Community of a Diff Flavor
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San Francisco by the light of the moon...

The city by the bay is full of life, tourists and all manner of people. Some of those people, however, are not even people at all. Beyond the lights and bustle, another side of San Francisco thrives.

Often, in plain sight.

There is a darker side to San Francisco that few see and fewer still survive. Angels soar above the city on business that is all their own. Demons bargain for souls or let lose to paint the town red (usually in blood). Vampires walk through the foggy streets. Fairies play under the Golden Gate Bridge when no one's looking hard enough. Shapeshifters gather in the outskirts to discuss politics and business.

Welcome to Purgatory, a night club that caters to every dark fantasy imaginable. Anything goes in the dark basement of the club or the private rooms that can be yours for a small fee. Elegant dining at its finest can be found in the upper floors as well as interesting conversation with the city's elite. On the ground floor, enjoy the dancing to some of the best local bands around or simply have a drink.

The truth about this extravagant club that skirts a fine line between elegant and risqué is that it is a meeting place for more than just humanity. It is a haven for some and a prison for others.

Come let us entertain you and seduce you. Just be warned. You might like it.

Basic Idea Behind This Journey Into Darkness..

This is a very open minded adult role-playing community. It is a smutfest set within the city of San Francisco with a central location for characters to meet up before terrorizing the town. There will be yaoi/yuri here (homosexuality is another nice term). Hell it is encouraged greatly. *shifty eyes, holds up whip* Yaoi is boy on boy, two men or more (oh yes we do encourage more) kissing, falling in love, fondling, groping, having hot passionate sex under the moon. Yuri is two women or more doing the same. Again, straight man on woman is not discouraged here. On the contrary, we like smut here. We want to see it, participate in it and enjoy it.

So if yaoi or yuri offends you, the door is there. Bye.

Plot? What Plot? The main way this community has worked so far is keeping the main focus to the club and the interaction between the characters. The plot is more or less your own to create, change and grow. It allows for more freedom and is also very real time friendly.

The problem with this has been people drifting off and coming up short on roleplay ideas to do at the club. So, we're putting the focus more on San Francisco in all its glory and deviousness instead of Purgatory alone. Purgatory is home base but the entire roleplaying possibilities are not limited to it alone. San Francisco is completely yours to defile. *evil grin* Stay tuned for storylines that are centered around the club. The basics of them will be posted to the OOC commmunity. Everyone will be encouraged to join in and help!

Suggestions are always welcome on new plot bunnies. Just watch out, those things multiply when you aren't looking.

Please note: Angels and demons role-played here are strictly for role-playing purposes. This is not meant for offense to anyone or to be turned into an idiot's guide to religious slander. Far from it.

So who is God of this role-playing community? (aka The Mods)

CT - Stands for Clare's Typist. Hyper mad woman who often stays up real late and falls asleep on her laptop. Adores yaoi, and is the sole owner of _clare_.

AIM: Nelo Anjello
Email: snake_eyez123@yahoo.com

Rem - They're my initials... won't tell you my name though too bad <3. I'm a whiny, selfish little brat with a newbie's hand at layouts and graphics, and a morbid mind. Beware... I play zfallensaintz and deadlydevotion on Purgatory. My personal journal is zsinincarnatez. Drop me a line.

AIM: XNecroSinnerX
Email: demiangel74@yahoo.com
Y!IM: my_acursed

DC - While not to be bothered with role-play stuff as you can with CT and Rem, is still the owner of the role-play. He just doesn't baby-sit it. His LJ, if you really want it, is ambrosewulf. He is the wonderful owner of the owner of Purgatory! The lovely stefan_dark!!! :D

AIM: AmbroseWulf
Email: dark_chyle_of_fate@yahoo.com

The official mod email where you can send comments, complaints, and requests, is purgatory.mods@gmail.com! Please use that account for your Purgatory needs, and not the mods actual emails. ^^;

The Nitty Gritty Details


Character Creation Guide

Crash Course in LJ Roleplay

Character Application

San Francisco Hot Spots

About Purgatory

Club History

Club Layout

Positions Available

Price Guide

Staff List

The Cast So Far
(This may help give you an idea of the types of characters you might want to play.)


Cain StarCraft - cainstarcraft
Ethaniel - atra_curiositas
GinUingu Tenshi - wingsofsilver
Nishan Dante - zfallensaintz
Stefan Dark - stefan_dark
Tatsuya Shingarenin - chaos_wings
Zodius Adelyana - zodius_adelyana


Bastian - honor_falling (Half-demon)
Chaos Arcana Yoleil - seductive_chaos
Hika - furhfur
Lindhra - lindhra
Morozko - crydevil
Saidon Meka - khaos_chyld


Alyn Thesyoen - elven_alyn
Lieselle - lmortimmortalle
Rithy Mirth - rithy_mirth


Aiden Emery - aidens_organ
Arianna/Payne Mendacant - shardsofmusic
Clarence Mauve - _clare_
Djinn - brilliantdesire
Evan Hallow (dead human) - [Unknown LJ tag]
Licien - licien
Merlin K. Cimatura - wingsofamber
Nicolai Pavlovich - nicoheartu
Oriel Davenport - oriels_diary

Shapeshifters, Wereanimals:

Faust - faustsinsainty (Naga)
Haisha - deadlydevotion (Were-leoparad)
Lizzie Taliko - the_purrinator (Were-cat)


Arime Katashi - arime_katashi
Declan Blaze - amethyst_vision
Leon Lemia - leon_lemia
Yuugiri - glorious_misfit


Marian Darcie Claire - marian_claire (Witch)


Daiven Enma Vleuel Takai - Black Chaos Dragon/Demon Mix - hell_drake
Lucian Drake Yami - Dragon - elcuro_rinyo
Reve - Bound Spirit - obversion
Siobhan Sahkar - Kotirki Guardian - siobhan_sahkar
Vandita Sahkar - Kotirki Guardian - vhandi_sahkar

**Just because it's not listed here, doesn't mean it's not playable. Just drop me a line on what you want to play and we'll see what can be done.

OOC Community

Our sparkly, pretty OOC community comes with much love. It's called ooc_purgatory. Join and give in further to the corruption. ^-^